IgentDraw – new options

  • Possibility to set the length of the hooks when selecting a bar with hooks for the main reinforcement. The option can be used, for example, to extend bars into the wall.


  • Possibility to generate bars with hooks on one side. To do this, select the bar with hooks in the Rebar shape option, enable the Length of the left hook option (or the right hook option) and leave the value 0.0. This option applies to hooks at the beginning and the end of the region – in the case of bar division due to the maximum length of the bar or cutting to the opening, no hooks are generated at the point of division

  • Change the default cover to 2.5cm

  • Question about possible saving of the file in the case when any modifications have been made to the project since the last recording.

  • Reinforcement of rectangular openings along the edge when the opening is rotated relative to the X axis of the coordinate system

  • Possibility to use a bar with 90st hooks, for which the length of the vertical segment is calculated automatically based on the plate height, taking into account the cover


  • Possibility to neglect bars in the description in the drawing, including them in the table. Can be used f.ex. in the case of edge reinforcement near an irregular hole in order to avoid illegible drawing


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