IgentDraw – users remarks implementation

Possibility to specify the length of parallel bars( when reinforcing openings) as a total length (as an alternative to the length beyond the edge) – this facilitates the reinforcement of similar openings with bars of the same length
Possibility to place a description line of a group of bars outside the dimensions of a representative bar by a relative or absolute value
Cover is taken automatically into account when dividing bars in the case of the first division for the coordinate equal to the maximum length of the bar (bars of length e.g. 12.0m instead of 12.0 – cover)
Fixed issues
-redundant description e = … for a single bar for reinforcement of openings
-incorrect reading of the edges from the saved file when using the <Extend beyond edge> option
-incorrect length of U-bar leg when exporting to DXF (bend not taken into account)

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