IntelForm – Claddings

New options in program Possibility to define roof plate as cladding ( this option is taken into account in case of model export to  Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis program). Export of parameters of Wood and Glass materials to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis program Noticed problems correction On IgentForm channel a short film has been published showing claddings […]

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IntelForm – Wind loads generation + Structure optimization (cont.)

New options have been added: Possibility to generate wind loads according to simplified method (loads are applied to the element which is the first geometrical obstacle for wind) New criteria of structure generation a) system of columns and diagrids on lateral edge b) mass dimensions (height, contour scaling, length of rectangle and prismatoid sides, circle diameter) New […]

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IntelForm – Form finding

New option has been added to the program: Possibility to use new generation criteria for structure variants ( roof lift according to given curves). This option enables the generation of structure variants with different mass shape and, as a consequence, to compare them later. Film, which shows this functionality is available at Below there is […]

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IntelForm – Modeling of chimneys with supporting structure

New options have been added: Possibility to assign a curve to vertical edge of mass Possibility to define different heights of storeys in one mass Moreover, on IgentForm channel a new film is available ( showing, how to design chimneys with supporting structure and export of the model to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis program.

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IntelForm – next step

New functionalities available in program: Possibility to define struts in roof plane Possibility to parametrize diagrids location on mass edge Possibility to use new type of cutting “Delete elements in contact” Correction of noticed problems connected with export to IFC format Additionally on Igentform film channel a new film is available, ( which shows how […]

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IntelForm v1.3

We are pleased to announce that next version with the following new functionality has been released: Possibility to obtain educational license. This is free, full version of the program for a period of 90 days. Students and universities employees are entitled. Possibility to obtain perpetual license. Possibility to calculate automatically gamma angles for roof beams. […]

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