IgentForm – new options

New options have been added: Possibility of definition of elevation in absolute coordinates Possibility to undo the last edit operation (up to 10 steps back) Possibility of definition of vertical loads on the middle plates and on the bottom plate Possibility to automatically distribute load on plates on a given floor with the possibility to include […]

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IntelForm – plate division, absolute coordinates, IFC

Possibility of any division of floor slab (option ” Take into account in plate division” for internal lines) Possibility to define columns positions in absolute coordinates (facilitation of elements positioning) Improvement of export to IFC format (Take into account elements visibility on 3D view during exort, export of whole contours instead of triangles in case of walls) Correction […]

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IntelForm – new possibilities

Possibility to add own characteristic points (extension of roof surface generation functionality) Possibility to use any contour as influence surface for characteristic points IFC export modification (non standard walls as walls or plates) Parallel processing of chosen parts of program for single mass (plates generation, calculation of roof points coordinates)

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